Here's everything you need to attract
more and/or larger events to your city...

...and you already have the stick!

The "stick" is your geographical location, your event and meeting venues, your hotels, attractions, entertainment centers and of course a helpful, enthusiastic, friendly CVB staff.

The bad news is that this is true for every where can you find a "carrot"?

The only thing that makes your city more attractive to Special Event Sponsors is the level of services you offer. Hospitality Express can help you provide exactly what Special Event Sponsors need and want.

Our company provides online services for Convention and Visitor Bureas created to benefit Event Sponsors, attracting them your city. We deliver custom-designed, secure, online Ticket Sales, Event Registration and a custom designed Special Event Housing Bureau that will put your city at the top of every Event Sponsor's "short list".

So if you want to attract more conventions, conferences and special events to your city, we invite you to review our web site for details and then contact us for a free, no-obligation quote for your city.

We have carrot!

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